20 Reasons to sell through a real estate agent

Many owners have the ambition to sell a property at their own risk, putting it on the market for a value that they consider fair, taking into account property prices that appear on various portals on the market.

Nothing could be more right.
It is legitimate for an owner to want to sell his property without any real estate intermediation.
It is legitimate because nothing legally prevents it.
It is legitimate because common sense dictates that selling a house is something simple and nothing justifies paying a commission to achieve this end.
Is this really so?

If it were that easy, why do the overwhelming majority of owners, after a short time of trying on their own, delegate the sale of their property to professionals?
For absolutely obvious reasons.
They don't know how to do it and are faced with many situations to resolve that involve selling the property.

The main reasons are allied to the ignorance of several factors, such as:

  1. activity and market dynamics;
  2. real sales values of the segment and the parish where it is located;
  3. comparative analysis of the property you intend to sell;
  4. necessary and mandatory documentation to promote the sale;
  5. communication strategy;
  6. positioning strategy;
  7. preparation of the house for placing on the sale market;
  8. appropriate promotion, through professional photography and video, in the various media;
  9. correct use of social networks;
  10. valuation of the property in relation to the competition;
  11. building and using the customer database;
  12. service and qualification of potential interested parties;
  13. scheduling the visits;
  14. conducting the emotional and technical conversation with buyers;
  15. development of empathy with the buyers;
  16. knowledge of body posture with the buyers;
  17. negotiating objections and directing the buyer to submit a proposal;
  18. validating one or more proposals and realizing when a proposal will go forward for closing;
  19. factual analysis on the buyer's ability to finance;
  20. mastery of other legal and administrative issues necessary for the realization of the business.

As an experienced consultant, the above enumeration corresponds to the ongoing activity of selling a single property. Believe me, just as training and experience lead to success in the activity, substituting yourself for the real estate consultant may simply be the fatal mistake you are making from the beginning.

In other words, if you think you have the capacity and knowledge to solve the sale of your property by yourself, then accept the invitation and come work with me in a highly dynamic, challenging, diverse, and very interesting activity. We are always looking for talent.

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