Documents to sell a property?


The bureaucratic burden instituted in the most diverse entities has made the sales process a complicated adventure and, for this reason, it is recommended to be accompanied by those who deal with this factor on a daily basis.

Nothing is more unnerving than entering the web of bureaucratic ignorance of a property sales process. It is at this stage that you should appreciate the service of the consultant and the respective agency you trust to achieve your goals.

Let's see, what documents are required and why:

> Caderneta Predial: essential because it is the so-called identity card of the property. Document from the Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira.

> Permanent Property Certificate: essential because it constitutes the legality of the existence of the property and the fraction and also indicates if there is any process of pledge or mortgage. Document from the Land Registry Office.

> Licença de Utilização (Utilization License): essential because it legalizes the authorization of the City Hall for your residence or other intended purpose. Document from the City Council.

> Ficha Técnica de Habitação: indispensable for new construction or totally rehabilitated since 2004, indicating all the information regarding the property (construction materials, plans and responsible for the execution). Document of the builder's responsibility, obligatorily delivered to the City Council and necessary for the sale.

> Energy Certification: essential for the promotion of the property and for the deed. Represents the energy efficient rating of the property and is an example of improvement to be made or proven existing excellence. Document from ADENE.

In addition to the documentation mentioned, which is absolutely vital in the sales process, there are other equally important documents, such as:

  1.  identification of the owners or rightful owners in case of inheritance;
  2.  identity of the spouses according to the marriage regime;
  3.  habilitation of heirs and stamp duty;
  4.  old deed, if required to prove legality;
  5.  marriage and birth certificates;
  6.  mortgage banking detachment;
  7.  preemptive rights;
  8.  declaration of non-debt to the condominium;
  9.  use permit certificates, if not endorsed on the property certificates, and often required by banking entities, even if the building dates back to before 1951.

It should be noted that there may also be other requirements presented by the respective entities involved in the sales process, but these will be subject to case-by-case analysis.

No need to get discouraged with all these requirements and waste time in an activity that is not yours. Talk to me and I will ensure the entire sales process, always in your best interests.

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